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Can we tag [T]echnical posts?

I don't expect this to be adopted, but I'd like to get the suggestion 
out there:

I really enjoy reading the technical questions about "How do I do X", 
"Here's how to do X", and even "Here's my opinion about X technology or 
technique".  I much less enjoy reading the posts about "Getting Linux 
adopted", "Is Linux good for consumers", or other "soft issues".

It's not that I object to them in principle I just can't devote time to 
reading 200 messages like that per day.  Whereas, I find the tech stuff 
super helpful: can't get enough!

My suggestion would be to tag [T]echnical stuff with a T: in the subject 
line or something.  Clearly, there would be gray areas, and newbies 
wouldn't respect it, but it would help me see which threads to avoid.

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