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Re: Function of make dep : newbie :-?

Marcos José Setim <mjsetim@yahoo.com.br> writes:

> Please, which the function of make dep?

It depends on how the makefile is set up (search for a line that says
"dep:"), but usually what this does is look through the source files
for a particular program and generate extra Makefile lines such that,
if one file changes, every file that includes it is rebuilt.

> Where meeting some article/documentation easy about make?

Someone already pointed at the (make) Info file; you also might look
at the GNU coding standards if you want to know what some of the
common make targets are.  Most of this documentation is aimed at
developers, though; if you're just trying to build software and not
modify it, reading individual packages' INSTALL files is probably a
better way to go.

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