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Re: ooh! debian jewelry

On 10 Dec 2003 at 17:37, Monique Y. Herman wrote:

> I just found this ... and want it ... bad.
> Thought some of you might find it of interest:
> http://www.linuxjewellery.com/catalogue/DBV/
> --
> monique

That's pretty cool.  I also recommend this site as well...


I'm going to be placing my first order with them later this month (after I do a few more auctions and refill the coffers).  I'm planning on ordering a sheet of the Linux Inside Case Badges, plus a couple Tux lapel pins and Tux keychains.  They have some stuff there with the Debian logo as well, but I prefer the penguin myself, though I may eventually order a sheet of Debian case badges too.  No reason not to have more than 1 badge on a computer afterall.  :D

-- Scarletdown

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