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Re: Newbie! Some help needed.

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From: "David Baron" <d_baron@012.net.il>
To: <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2003 09:20
Subject: Newbie! Some help needed.

> I installed from a Knoppix CD image. Rather painless and it found most of
> the hardware as well. Now to get the thing productive :-)
> 1. How does one set up the network to work with ADSL (using a 10/100
> connected to an ADSL modem)? (Most everything I have seen is for Red Hat.)
> 2. How does one set the bootup or logon script so that the Windows
> partitions will be mounted when I log on?
> 3. When I did the installation, I had more Windows partitions than I do
> KDE will show an extra instance of the last volume (as unmounted if this
> option is enabled). How do I get rid of references to the now defunct
> volume.
> 4. Now the really hard and maybe impossible stuff--I have a Yamaha sw60xg
> MIDI sound generator card. This is an ISA card that simply sits on a port.
> No IRQ, no DMA. Can this thing be set up?
> 5. More, maybe impossible stuff--I have a DMan2044 audio card, 4 in/ 4
> This is a PCI card and the "sound card setup" detects an AGOPO chip. This
> card not listed with Debian or with Lindows and Alsa has a vague reference
> to another chip (that may be) on this card. Can anything be done with
> a least for simple listening?
> (I am keeping the Windows 98 because I am stuck with it for my sound
> production. Everything else, I would like to go over to Linux. Sick of
> Windows!)
I solved most of my problems by installing libernet 2.7.  When you get
totally flustered try it.

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