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Re: limiting specific users on squid by time and username

Louie Miranda wrote:


How will i be able to block certain users on using my proxy? They are all
connected via dhcp, and some i allowed full access and some i wish to deny
even on time ex.

user-full-access = NO LIMIT
user-1-access = 12pm to 1pm only access
user-2-access = 6pm to 7pm only access

is this possible?

Yes. Based on the default _/etc/squid.conf_ configuration file, add some ACL directives:

   acl userfull proxy_auth user-full-access
   acl user1 proxy_auth user-1-access
   acl user2 proxy_auth user-2-access
   acl time1 time 12:00-13:30
   acl time2 time 18:00-19:00

Comment this line:

   http_access allow localnet

And add some rules:

   http_access allow user1 time1
   http_access allow user2 time2
   http_access allow userfull


André Carezia
Eng. de Telecomunicações
Carezia Consultoria - www.carezia.eng.br

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