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Re: how to write Console output to a log file

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 03:30:27AM -0800, Sebastia Altemir wrote:
> If, under SuSE 8.2, I put this line
>   echo "*** Running /ETC/INIT.D/NETWORK ***"
> in "/etc/init.d/network", I can find this line in /var/log/boot.msg
> Under Debian, - kernel 2.4.20 -, I place a similar ECHO line in
> "/etc/init.d/networking", can see (very fast) on the console screen,
> but can't find it in any file at /var/log.
> What must I do to have it logged ? (boot.msg does not exist)

logger(1) in bsdutils is an option.

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