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Re: Virtual PC 5.2

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003 06:25, Michael Martinell wrote:
> It appears that xfree86 does not support the base S3 card after 3.3.6.  It
> only supports the savage series.
> Is there a recommended downgrade path that works?
> Or in other words, what would the apt-get command for this be?

For S3Trio chipsets
apt-get install xserver-s3

or for S3Virge
apt-get install xserver-s3v

I think that its only the Trio chipset driver that's broken in Woody (Version 
4.1), so the first option is probably what you need.

I'm in this thread late so I hope I'm not talking at cross purposes.

And BTW, the vesa driver does work for S3Trio in Version 4.2 eg Knoppix 3.2.

Bob Parker
<snipped the rest>

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