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Re: No email for some users

on Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 12:33:27PM -0800, Jeremy Brooks (jeremyb@whirljack.net) wrote:
> hello,

> I have a woody box that acts as a web/email server.  I host some sites
> for other people, using the ~username functionality of apache.  By
> default, those users can send and receive email.  I would prefer that
> they do not have access to email...is there a way to specify that
> certain users do not have email access?  I'm using exim 3 and qpopper
> to allow mail retrieval.

Sending or receiving.

For receiving, you can modify your MTA to /dev/null or reject mail to
specified accounts.

For sending, your best bet is to run a second system as a mailserver,
allow only it to send outbound port 25 mail (via firewall rules), and
allow mail for only specified accounts (via MTA configuration).


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