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Re: compiling kernel for another system

On Tuesday 09 December 2003 09:46, John L. Fjellstad wrote:
> Yeah, I figured that out after looking at the dependency list of
> the kernel-packages.  I'm wondering though if using gcc3.3 would
> have any impact (since everything else on the stable system would
> have the programs compiled with gcc2.95)

Well, that's what I've been thinking. But isn't the kernel basically 
one self-contained unit? I mean sure: The modules depend on the 
kernel but they're both compiled with the same compiler anyway, 

Apart from that: The kernel is pure C, isn't it? The changees from 
gcc2.95 to gcc3.2 were in the C++ ABI, they didn't affect C 
compatibility IIRC. So it really doesn't make much sense to have any 
unresolved symbols here - and, as I said, at least for me it worked.

Anyways, I'm really no expert on this. But it's been really 
interesting to discuss it - always something to learn on this list!

Best regards,

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