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Re: Mixing woody and sarge

Rajkumar S wrote:

What will happen when I add testing lines also in sources.list of a stable (woody) box and apt-get a package available in testing? For example ulogd.

After that will the box be stable (woody), with just that package (and dependencies) from testing? What happens when a security updates comes in security.debian.org for that package? Will it gets installed or will it take the updates from testing?

What happens when I do apt-get upgrade, will all packages get updated to testing? what about apt-get dist-upgrade?

As you can see I am a bit confused about the whole thing, Can some one throw some light on this?


Stay with one flavor as was pointed out already and if needed use a backport of one particular package. Was that pointed out? Did I miss it? :-) But you can google for scores of examples of this.


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