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Kernel 2.4.23

I'm a little new at this.  I want to upgrade my kernel from my
Libranet 2.4.21.  I have a RAID controller (IDE) that appears as a
SCSI device for some reason.  So I need to use initrd to boot
(correct?).  At least that's the way Libranet set it up for me.  That
means that I can't use a pristine kernel, I need the cramfs/initrd
patch.  I got a kernel panic when trying the pristine kernel.
Since I can't find that anywhere perhaps I should use the
Debian kernel.  I found that at backports.org.  I guess it would be ok
even thought I'm not running a "stable" system.  There is a source and
a .deb that looks already compiled.  Since I want to save my settings
from before, I need to use the source (correct?).  
Are my assumptions even close to reality?

Michael Montagne

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