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Re: Debian Server Compromise -- A Fire Drill ??

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On Tuesday 09 December 2003 01:55, Joyce, Matthew wrote:
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> > It's "cracker". Not "hacker".
> > http://web.bilkent.edu.tr/Online/Jargon30/JARGON_C/CRACKER.HTM
> It's both according to OED.

There are numerous "definitions" for the word hacker, and the definition that 
ScruLoose objected to can be found all over the place - it even made it into 
renowned dictionaries, just as you said. 

"A person who either breaks into systems for which they have no authorization 
or intentionally overstep their bounds on systems for which they do have 
legitimate access, i.e., an unauthorized individual who attempts to penetrate 
information systems; to browse, steal, or modify data; deny access or service 
to others; or cause damage or harm in some other way."


A person who breaks into a computer network and tampers with the system.


A computer user who illegally visits networked computers to look around or 
cause harm.


WordNet even lists "hacker" being "someone who plays golf poorly":


All of the above don't really fit the sociolect of large parts of the Free 
Software Community. A good place to read about the concept ScruLoose was 
refering to is the Hacker-HOWTO by Eric S. Raymond


A friend of mine came up with a good definition of the emotional aspects of 
hacking as "being so excitedly focused on the solution of a problem that you 
forget to eat, drink and pee for days".

You won't find anything about that, or about the social and ethical 
implications in the OED.

Don't believe the stupid, we know it's "crackers".

- - Burkhard

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