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Re: Tom Ballard, MSFT shill (was Re: Debian Server Compromise -- A Fire Drill ??)

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 03:35:40AM -0800, Tom wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 11:25:33PM -0800, Karsten M. Self wrote:

> > Peace.
> What the fuck are you ranting about?

<tone="dripping with sarcasm">
Ah, there's a surefire way to bolster your credibility.
Clearly the mark of a mature mind:  As soon as somebody hits a little
close to home, you dismiss it with a wave of the hand and a one-line 
profanity. No attempt to address _any_ of the points raised.
I'm sure we're all as overawed as I am with the power of this rhetoric.

Nor is this the first time this childish response has shown up:

As was pointed out then, it's also a dangling reference:

And all the while you feel entitled to take a position of smug 
superiority towards anyone who disagrees with you, claiming that it 
must be because your supposed insights make them uncomfortable "beneath 
the surface".  That's just sad.  Or maybe it's deliberate trolling.

                I was just a boy then, now I'm only a man.
                - Pink Floyd
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