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Re: Tom Ballard, MSFT shill (was Re: Debian Server Compromise -- A Fire Drill ??)

On Sun, 07 Dec 2003 23:25:33 -0800, Karsten M. Self wrote:

>     There are bugs in the kernel code.  Estimates of such bug counts can
>     be made.  And again I pointed out several texts, most from the
>     bibliography of _Code Complete_, which point out the statistical
>     basis on which an increasing or decreasing bug count can provide
>     some level of assurance, of how many such bugs there are.

Just a small diversion to lighten this up a bit:

- Any program can be shortened by one line of code
- Any program contains at least one undiscovered bug

Therefore, any program can be reduced to one line of code which doesn't

I have often found this of comfort in a long programming career.


"Don't be so humble.  You're not that great."
(Golda Meir)

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