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how to interpret /proc/asound

kernel 2.6-test9
alsa 0.9.8
emu10k1 for sbLive

I compiled the kernel and alsa.  The kernel runs but, I get no sound.  
/proc/asound says
        no soundcards
and then for the audio and midi devices, it says NOT ENABLED IN CONFIG.

modprobe snd-emu10k1 fails
(trying without the snd- also fails)

The kernel was compiled with sound support (alsa and oss).
Do I need something in a config file somewhere?
/etc/modutils/alsa has entries the entries for the various aliases, 
including snd-emu10k1. I did update-modules. My card shows up when I try 
lspci, so the kernel seems to know about it.

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