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Re: [WTLUG:discuss] App for making invitation cards

Actually, I have had trouble doing this in Windows lately, the only
software solution I know of off the top of my head is Printshop, and I
have not seen that on the shelf for years.

HOWEVER, I have found a way around this with StarOffice, and I am sure
you can do this in OpenOffice as well.

If you want to do quarter fold inventations, do this:

+   inside card +              +
+   upsidedown  +              +
+     text      +              +
+               +              +
+               +   front of   +
+               +      card    +

Okay, so my drawing is not to scale. :-)

Just set up a little templemt.

The other option is to just do text in the bottom right hand corner, and
feed the paper through twice, once for the front, once for the inside.
Annoying, but may be easier than trying to figure out how to flip your
text upside down.

If you want to make half fold cards, just do text on bottom of half of
document page. You will have to run the paper through twice as that will
require printing on both sides of the paper. 

You will need to play with your printer to figure out what orientation
you need to load the paper to get the card to print out right.

This is the easierst solution, and saves her from having to learn a new
program. (That is, if she already knows word processing).


* westk@acu.edu [2003.12.06 11:57]:
: I've had my mom running Debian for a couple of years, but she's just 
: doing the minimal stuff of email/web browsing, and is not computer literate.
: Now she wants to create party invitations. Any suggestions as to the 
: best direction to steer her? (Solving some of these issues would really 
: be easier in the Windows world, but I _really_ want to avoid going that 
: route. _Really_!)
: Thanks!
: -- 
: Kent

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