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Re: Anyone used a Lindows Laptop?

Ok to answer my own query, I have managed to find some good reviews on
the Lindows Mobile PC and in a place I probably should have thought
about earlier. After giving up on google, I had a closer look at the
Lindows.com site and found that they have some pretty vigorous forums
there, and they can easily be searched. As a guest you can only post to
some of them but you can read all of them. If you go to


and put "mobile pc" into the search box it will bring back quite a few
threads on the Lindows Mobile Pc. Although there seem to be some
concerns with not everything in the laptop being supported by Lindows,
power managemenmt, disabling the Compactflash card reader if you added
more than 256 MB of RAM, the general impression I got was as far as the
actual laptop itself went it was quite good. It has no CDROM but as the
CDROM in my ibook broke about 1 month after I got it (something the
apple repair people had seen before!) and I managed fine without it that
is actually an advantage as I don't need to pay for something I won't
use. The battery life of about 2 hours seems a bit low given the low
power consumption of the CPU but that might have been improved with
Lindows 4.0. I does sound like a good deal and given it is so much
cheaper than any of the other laptops that I looked at that even came
close to its weight range I think I will go ahead and purchase it.

Also it was the only non-apple (after my recent experience with Apple
there was no way I was going to give them another cent) laptop that I
could find that didn't involve paying the microsoft tax. I hope that
won't be the case for that much longer, as I did like the look of some
of the IBM laptops and I have heard that there linux support is great.
Unfortunately however you can't buy them without a having to pay for
Windows as well.

Anyway will give a follow up when I get the laptop and get a feel of how
it works



On Fri, 5 Dec 2003 17:24:17 +1100
John <j_habermann@tpg.com.au> wrote:

> Hi 
> I have just started looking for a new laptop courtesy of the logic
> board on my ibook dying and being hit for a Aust $935 bill for a new
> one. I have been looking at the Lindows Mobile PC which I could get
> for Aust $1165 from sub300.com. I have been trying to find some
> reviews by people who have purchased a Lindows Laptop but have not had
> much luck? I have seen a few posts that say describe upgrading the
> Lindows to Debian Unstable and it sounds quite easy. Just wondering if
> anyone has used this laptop and has any comments.
> Thanks for any help
> John
> www.ngogeeks.com
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