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Re: RAID question - dying

On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Paul Morgan wrote:

> > - disks doesn't fail as often as a power supply
> > 	-- hint.. add a nice fan for each disk
> > 
> My experience is the opposite: I have never had a power supply fail, but I
> have had several disks fail.

everybody's experiences will be different because:
	- some people buy good products, some people buy cheap stuff
	- some people add fans where needed, some people dont

	- there are always exception to the rule of "good stuff"
	( like ibm's major !@#$% with their deskstar series of drives,
	( caused them to sell their entire disk drive division to hitachi 
	( -- just kidding .. but the timing is good for a joke

given the same system ... things that should die first would be based
on MTBF ... ( mean time between failure ) all rated at 25C

Warranty period is probably closely related to MTBF ...

	- fans ( typically no warranty ... )

	- power supplies ( some have 100,000 hrs if you believe it )
		which confirms Pauls experiences w/ power supply vs disks	

		example: http://www.sparklepower.com/pdf/FSP300-60GRE.pdf

	- disks ( typically warrantied for 1-3 yrs )

 	- cpu has an mtbf around 30,000 hrs ( about 5 yrs )

		-- notice that your cpu lifespan dies 2x faster for each
		10C increase in temp

c ya

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