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Re: OT - archiving mail

* Richard Lyons (richard@the-place.net) [031205 12:04]:
> It struck me I can copy job and topic emails to the non-mail file 
> system, and get rid of them from the email folders as soon as they are 
> answered.  But that has to be done one at a time - no drag-and-drop 
> possible either.  List emails are easy - they get filtered to their own 
> folder and purged after suitable time.  It's things that I need to keep 
> long-term that gum up the system.  Does anyone here have a neater way 
> of handling this kind of thing, or can suggest some shortcuts or at 
> least a batch script to transfer the emails to external files?

I'm not sure why your Maildir's can't be copied.  I think something
there is screwed up, and that's what you ought to fix.  BTW, if you're
talking about keeping an updated version of your archive on some
portable media, have you tried rsync instead of cp?  It should speed you
up.  So, too, should switching to maildirs.

Personally, I have mutt set up to store all incoming and outoing mail by
month, in maildirs:

set   mbox="+archive/inbox/`date '+%Y/%m-inbox-%Y'`"
set   record="+archive/sent-mail/`date '+%Y/%m-sent-mail-%Y'`"

Then I use mairix (awesome tool -- I highly recommend) to quickly find
whatever I'm looking for within those maildirs.

good times,
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