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Re: gpl - Re: Gentoo compromised too

Tom wrote:
> The second part is understandable but ultimately not defensible: there 
> really is no correlation between the cost of software and its value, so 
> you always end up in these stupid situation where you've spent $100,000 
> for software and you're pulling 36-hour shifts to keep it running.  But 
> the correct way to fix that problem is to improve software quality and 
> incrementally lower prices -- the way the market fixes things.  Stallman 
> unfortunately ate too much acid (as some of us have too :-) and got his 
> hatred of his parents (the root cause of all political protests) 
> chocolate mixed up in his peanut butter.  He probably was pissed off 
> because his Research Grant got denied or some other academia niggling 
> issue -- colllege people are notorious about bitching over funding.
> It's the second part that is silly and will not stand up in court.  The 
> first part is okay.

The acid seems to be in your past; the GPL places no limits on the cost
of software.

see shy jo

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