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gpl - Re: Gentoo compromised too

On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, David Palmer. wrote:

> > Once is happenstance.
> > Twice is coincidence.
> > Three times is enemy action.
> > 
> > I suspect that all these attacks are not unrelated.  Someone is out to
> > get us.
> I've been certain of this for a while.
> It's not just the distributions themselves, it's the entire open source
> movement.
> SCOs' antics are just the face of a takeover bid.
> The Royal Bank of Canada financed them for how much? With a Microsoft
> executive sitting on the board.
> This is not just a few crackers doing it to show their grubby little
> mates that they can. Someone's paying them, and paying them well. This
> sort of hack is pulled off by someone who really knows his/her stuff.
> You watch, The GPL will be invalidated next.
> I've been watching the WSIS and other aspects of the complete spectrum
> and it's not looking good.
> Regards,

gpl and all of its forefathers have been around 25+ years ... its
not gonna go away because of a few (very likely) highly-paid crackers

and in my book, gpl licenses should be changed anyway ... now's a
good time .. :-0 to tighten its reins too

c ya

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