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Re: cupsys - cupsd won't stay running!!!

Em Sex, 2003-12-05 às 11:00, Rohit Kumar Mehta escreveu:
> Leandro Guimarães Faria Corsetti Dutra wrote:
> >	Most important, do you use the parallel port for your printer?
> >
> No, I have not even configured a printer.  I was hoping I could do that 
> through the slick cupsd UI.

	OK, so we do have something strange here.  It looks like cupsd is dying
trying to find a missing (parallel port) device.  Somehow it thinks you
should have a parallel port printer.

	So you will need to find out why and eliminate this configuration. 
Perhaps cupsd is picking it from some /etc/printcap or other lpr
configuration file?

	Anyway, I'd advise you to hook your printer anyway, so that CUPS can
find it instead of the ghost parallel port... CUPS won't take care of
loading kernel modules, for instance.

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