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Re: Turtle Beach Santa Cruz soundcard

> cforelle2@comcast.net
> Today 21:11:13

> Hi all,

> I'm having trouble with a new Turtle Beach Santa Cruz soundcard I just put 
>into my Debian machine. (I took out the old card.)
>A bit of searching around indicates that the Santa Cruz uses the cs46xx 
>chipset, so I selected that kernel module. Doing modprobe cs46xx gives me:
> cs46xx: Unable to detect valid cs46xx device
>then it gives me some insmod errors caused by not having a valid device.
>I'm guessing there's some sort of IRQ conflict or something similar going on. 
>Has anyone run into this problem who could give me some guidance on where to 
>look? Tracking down these problems seems to me to be something of a wild 
>goose chase.
>Thanks and regards,


Yea the Santa Cruz sound card can be a little tricky at times, you might want 
to see what lspci says, you might even have to reboot.  

Here is what lsmod says about my modules loaded for sound.

cs46xx                     58196   2
ac97_codec             13428   0 [cs46xx]
soundcore                3972   3 [cs46xx]

Of course this is the OSS modules, and not the Alsa modules, I understand that 
the Alsa modules might be of better quality, so if you feel brave go ahead 
and give it a shot.  It probably wouldn't hurt, as the new 2.6.-- are going 
to use Alsa, so it wouldn't hurt to get things working now.

I use testing and this is somewhat of a default setup, as you know the 
Santa Cruz card is not 100% supported under linux.  I have several games that 
after I play Xmms have major sound problems.  Also after a reboot I have to 
manually adjust the volume in a mixer.

You might get away with not having the ac97-codec loaded as it is not used, as 
lsmod has shown.  I would certainly make sure soundcore module was loaded as 
to the 3 procs I really couldn't tell you as I am unsure exactly what the 
soundcore module does.

Hope you get it sorted out, as the sound card is great, I just wish it was as 
good as under the other OS.


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