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Re: 2.6 kernel: module cannot be unloaded

On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 at 21:46 GMT, Thanasis Kinias penned:
> scripsit Roberto Sanchez:
>> Module unloading *must* be specifically enabled in 2.6 kernels.
>> Otherwise, you can only load.
> OK, I recompiled and enabled that...  (Aside:  Lots of possible
> gotchas switching to 2.6...)

Please elaborate!

> ...and I can now unload _some_ but not all modules.  Specifically,
> ide_probe_mod and piix are listed as `unsafe' and cannot be unloaded.
> They are loaded at boot.  With modconf unusable ATM I'm not sure how
> to go about cleaning out the cruft...  I've got a boatload of IDE
> drivers being unnecessarily loaded... 


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