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Re: Kernel options - how to determine which are needed?


Steve Lamb (<grey@dmiyu.org>) wrote:

> I've got a machine that I do not have physical access to but would 
> like to recompile the kernel for.  As you can expect I would need to 
> make absolutely sure that the kernel configuration I come up with is 
> right the first time.  Currently it is running the default kernel from 
> woody (2.2.20-idepci).  Is there any way that I can determine which 
> options are being used by that kernel at present?

Use lsmod to find out which modules are loaded. However, depending on
your kernel, some drivers may be compiled into the kernel and not be
shown by lsmod. Run dmesg | less to see the startup output to find out
which hardware was detected by the drivers compiled into the kernel.
Also, take a look at the output of lspci.

The configuration file of installed kernel packages as well as of the
installation kernel is stored in /boot (/boot/config-2.2.20-idepci in
your case). You can try to use it with the new kernel source by copying
it to /path/to/kernel-source/.config and running "make oldconfig".

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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