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Re: vertical scrolling mouse?

stan wrote:
Strolling through a CimpUSA store the other day, I noticed a new mouse from
Microsoft, that you could push the little scrollwhell left & right on. This
is to allow vertical csrolling something like the scrollwheel.

I was wondering if it was posible to make this work under X?

I have an A4Tech optical mouse WOP35-PU that has 2 wheels: one for hor. and the other vert... if... you get it set up right by X.

I now use only vertical scrolling (see here:)


but when I make the changes for 9 buttons xev shows both wheels to use 6 + 7.

I'd love to know how to set it up. No luck thusfar. I use X 4.3.0 on Sarge and *super duper* Backstreet Ruby for multiple users.


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