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Re: Creating VCD from AVI

Aryan Ameri wrote:

> Hi there:
> I have some AVI files here, which are riped from my DVDs using acidrip
> (a frontend to mencoder). Now I want to write to a CD as a VCD, so that
> they don't took space on my hard.
> My googling shows that there are a couple of tools I should use.
> mjpegtools, vcdimager, cdrdao etc. However I don't quite get the
> picture that want: How can I build a VCD. What is the process of making
> a VCD, from a AVI file.
http://www.vcdhelp.com is a good place to start (although it mostly deals
with windows).

basically you have to convert your AVI's to mpeg with the appropriate
settings (resolution, framerate, etc...) which will cause your avi to split
to 2 - 3 parts, and then you make a vcd from each part.
I use 'kavi2svcd' to deal with the mpeg creation (afaik there isn't a deb
for it) and k3b for burning the mpeg. 


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