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I'm face Few problem , need suggestion

Dear list,

Just today I entire this world and also in Linux world.
I'm single user.
I collect Debian 3.0 beta , total 8 CD's .
After struggle 4 days("dselect" very difficult for newbies) I installed Debian. 

Now wants to know or need suggestion from all users.
Please -- please help.
( NB: I also visit debian mailing list archive, thousand - thousand
  mail, It's difficults from me to find out my problem)

1) I want to upgrade complete Debain system, such as :
	I have mutt-1.3 /need 1.4 or1.5 , kde-2.2/ need 3.x / and kernel-2.2.20-idepci/ need 2.4.x
   Please give me the details webaddress or ftp site. I'm using  broadband.

2) I'm using mutt and postfix.
   My From field said : satyajit@satyajit@spnetctg.com (Satyajit Das)
   but I want to show it like this: Satyajit Das
   what I need to edit ? 
   (Still I'm not edit my .muttrc file )
Thanks all.

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