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ALSA + KMix not working


I'm using ALSA for the first time ever (from 2.6.0-test11) and I've 
got it mostly up and working nicely now. I have the intel8x0 driver 
successfully loaded.

alsamixer works fine and I can change the volume (and play sound, of 
course) in xmms. However, KMix does not work. It doesn't even show a 
mixer pane and when I try "New Mixer Tab" the drop-down "Available 
Mixers" is empty.

Any ideas? Isn't KMix supposed to support alsa natively? Or should I 
use the OSS mixer emulation? That doesn't seem right to me...

Thanks in advance,

---  Magnus von Koeller ---
email:    magnus@vonkoeller.de
address:  International University
          Campus 9, App. 13
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