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Re: Ethernet card not detected - where is YAST2 ?

Sebastia Altemir wrote:
My LINEX (Spanish Debian with 2.4.20 kernel) instaled ok,
but the ethernet card was not detected, so nothing (eth0) was instaled.

"lspci -v" says "02.0c.0 MYSON Tech Inc : unknown device 0803".

If I run "modprobe fealnx", it runs OK (lsmod displays (unused))
then "ifconfig eth0 ..." goes ok ( lsmod display "(1)"),
and I can "ping" near computers.

My old SuSE 8.2 had YAST2 to re-install such things.
What must I do under Debian ?

Thanks ! Sebastian.

try this:
# echo "fealnx" >> /etc/modules

That will cause it to load on each reboot.


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