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Re: SMTP relaying/sending mail

Robert Cates <robert@kormar.net> writes:

> I have a Debian Woody server running on a ADSL connection with (of
> course) dynamic IPs.  I have the (default) Exim 3.35 MTA installed,
> and when I try to send mail to certain domains, it gets refused. 
> Some destinations are delivered, but most are not.

Without you telling us an exact error message, how are we supposed to
know what the problem is?

> Is there a configuration change I need to make?  Do I HAVE to use a
> "Smarthost" from my ISP?  Is there no getting around this problem?

If the problem is simply that certain hosts are not accepting mail
from known dynamic IP blocks (AOL is one famous example of a domain
owner that does just that), then no amount of configuring your MTA
will make your connection look any less like it came from one of those

> Can't I use my Exim Server to send out mail even with dynamic IPs?

Sure you can.  But, there's no guarantee that the host on the other
end will accept it.

> I've heard of a service (I believe in California) which is
> attempting to fight spamming by blacklisting IPs from known or
> suspected spammers, but this I believe is the wrong way to go about
> doing it.  I just want to run my own mail server.

Now I'm confused.  Is your mail getting rejected because you have a
dynamic IP address or because you're using the netblock of a known

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