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Re: unchecked 31 times

On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 at 20:29 GMT, Greg Folkert penned:
>> >=20
>>=20 Wouldn't this require rebooting first, or something, in order to
>>fsck the root partition?
> the root partition should be small anyway. 200MB or so. Those that
> have one single 200GB root partition are asking for trouble...

That's not really the point.  I think the point is that most of us try
to *avoid* reboots whenever possible ...

But just for the sake of argument, why do you say the root partition
should be 200MB?

> I have all of my home machine and work machine storing critical data
> on an NFS or samba mounted arrays. So sure go ahead and blowup the
> local disk on the workstations... not matter all fun stuff is saved on
> my backed-up nfs/samba server.

And I back up the important stuff to an external drive.  That doesn't
mean I don't want to know about problems before the excrement hits the
fan ...

> It is still just good practice to not have a HUGE root partition. Heck
> use LVM anyway... that is what it is for. Dynamically modify your
> filesystems.


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