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Re: dhclient

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 10:35:33AM -0700, user list wrote:
> socket: Protocol not available - make sure CONFIG_PACKET and
> CONFIG_FILTER are defined in your kernel configuration.

You need to enable both, otherwise dhclient doesn't work.  DHCP v3 is
supposed to address this.

> So I looked at the .config file in the 2.4.20-kernel-source
> directory and, sure enough, CONFIG_FILTER owas not defined.

Good so far.

> However, in the xconfig menu, it appeared that CONFIG_FILTER had an =N
> default. I am compiling a kernel with CONFIG_FILTER=y.

So toggle it.  Don't forget to change CONFIG_PACKET while you're at it as

> 1. Why doesn't xconfig have a default setting for CONFIG_FILTER that
> matches the menu?

It does.  The default is for the variable to not be defined.  That is the
"N"o response.
> 2. What has changed in dhclient to make this necessary?

Nothing.  The dhclient application has always required these settings.
Perhaps in the future, it will not.

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