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Re: radeon and X: was X won't start

Mark Healey wrote:
After asking about why my X won't start I got a couple of responses
indicating that it is probably the video driver.


1)the vesa driver doesn't work well
2)the ones from ATI
     A)are crap
     B) intended for Mandrake
     c) available as binaries only
3)a dedicated debian one isn't available yet.

Is the above correct.

If it isn't, any recommendations?

I used the rpm from ati web site, followed their instructions as well (IIRC they have instructions for debian, it involves converting rpm to deb). It works fairly well, the only big problem (as far as I can tell) is that you cannot run multiple X servers (if you try it a deep freeze occurs). if you didn't already - take a look at forums at rage3d.com


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