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SA, Debian Woody, Exim3, help

Well, I mentioned my incoming email was not getting spam-tagged, and still

Someone (sorry, lost the email :-(   pointed me to:


which didn't seem to do much even after I added it.

I have been using SA successfully on a netbsd box run by an ISP, and at
work on a Linux box run by my sysadmin team but not running exim.

My .procmailrc on my home machine (which is not tagging) looks like:


* ^Received:.*wunderground.com
| /home/scott/wx/warndir/storm-date

I've tried adding /usr/bin/spamc and
| /usr/bin/spamc

but, thus far, nothing works for me :-(

My setup was apt-gotten via http for woody.  I have no untested packages.

What/where else do/can I look to get proper spam tagging?

I found a site to make a modification to SA which prompted the spamc
daemon to run.  Still no luck :-(

What next...???



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