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Re: Modem detection and installation problems

Paul Morgan wrote:
On Sun, 30 Nov 2003 12:17:41 -0500, Eric Dickner wrote:


This is not meant as a smartass answer, but, as "real" modems are
relatively cheap, I would respectfully suggest that you consider getting
one instead of using CPU cycles running a winmodem.

I second that. Even at a higher price where I live, I consider the money well spent on my US Robotics external modem. It is immediately found all the time.
The hassle of getting winmodems to work just ain't worth it.


You want to look for a "controller-based" modem, as opposed to a
"controllerless" or "windows" modem.  The ones which have "especially made
for Windows XP" or something similar on the box are "controllerless"
modems.  IMO, that label ought to be a big red one with "WARNING - CHEAP
AND NASTY" on the top.

For example, you can get a US Robotics Performance Pro V.92 PCI
controller-based faxmodem via pricewatch.com for only $49 inclusive. (It's
the modem I use which is why I looked it up in particular).

Then, if your current modem is removable, you can take it out and give it
to someone you don't like :)

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