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Re: Importing Corel Draw

I've done it by saving as a wmf file from Corel Draw which I can then open 
with OpenOffice Draw.  I then ungrouped the objects with the modify-break 
command in the context menu.


Am Dienstag, 25. November 2003 08:07 schrieb Thanasis Kinias:
> scripsit Luis Fernando Llana Díaz:
> >   I have some pictures made with Corel Draw. Is there any possibility
> >   of use them under Linux?
> I haven't been able to find any.  I have many of these, too, from an
> earlier career -- as well as many WordPerfect and QuattroPro files.  No
> one has ever been able to point me to a converter for any of these, and
> neither the Gnome apps nor OpenOffice can read the files last time I
> chedked. :(
> If anyone knows differently, let us both know, please!
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