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Re: CTRL+ALT+Backspace will kill the X-server

Wilko Fokken wrote:

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 12:00:32PM -0500, David Z Maze wrote:
"Sridhar M.A." <mas@uomphysics.net> writes:

If you want to temporarily disable booting to xdm on your VT100 and
revert to xdm once you get back the monitor, just disable the xdm
startup from all levels.

  # update-rc.d -f xdm remove

After you get back the monitor,

  # update-rc.d xdm defaults
Neither of these are the right answer.  (a) will cause the /etc/rc?.d
links to be put back into place if the package gets upgraded; (b) will
put the links back, but at the wrong priority, so xdm would get
started before things like cron.  Not a huge deal, but it's probably
easier to leave one runlevel (say, 5) in the "pristine" state; delete
/etc/rc2.d/S99xdm if you don't want xdm to start, and then use 'ln -s'
to make a link identical to what's in /etc/rc5.d if you want to bring
it back.

I have written a bash script to remove/restore any file entry
 in '/etc/init.d',
including ALL links and save them
 to '/etc/init.d/SAVE/'           as <file>.tar.gz.

If there's a startup script I want to temporarily disable, I just put the line "exit 0" as the first executable line in the script. Easy to do; easy to undo.


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