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Re: building a tivo?

On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 06:21:04PM -0600, Rob Benton wrote:
> Last time I looked into Tivo it somehow downloaded a list of available
> programs from the satellite/cable feed and kind of "grep-ed" on that for
> things you were interested in.  That would probably be the hardest part.
> On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 15:57, Matt Price wrote:
> > Anyone out there built a tivo-like DVR to record programs off of
> > cabsle or stellite tv?  What's involved?  I imagine one of the big
> > tricks is justtuningthe hcannel -- or am I wrong?  
> > 
> > look forward from hearing from y'a\ll.  

To me the hardest thing is changing the channel on the cable box.
My ReplayTV has an IR-blaster that does it.  Several of the hardware
cards claim to have something that works, and there's LIRC, but I never
could get it to work.

For work I had been given brand-new PocketPC with remote control 
software.  I actually just wrote a program send artificial mouse clicks 
to the PocketPC.  It worked, but it was so damn hacky I gave up.

This area of computer-consumer-technology is in just pathetic shape.  
There's a million half-assed solutions primarily geared towards 
electronics engineers whose web pages tend to describe how they blew up 
their devices doing something... :-)

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