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Re: evolution usability (somewhat OT)

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 22:50, David Palmer. wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Nov 2003 14:58:24 -0800
> Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> wrote:
> >    (unstable debian, evolution)
> > 
> >    I find evolution to be fairly nice MUA but:
> > 
> >    - is there a way for it to move deleted mails to trash?
> > 
> >    - is there a way for it not to show deleted emails (it shows them 
> > striked out)
> > 
> >    - is there a way to go to next unread mail, even if it happens to
> >    be 
> > in next folder (']' goes to next unread email in current folder)
> > 
> >    tia
> > 
> > 	erik
> > 
> Hello Erik,
> Go to the 'view' menu, and click 'hide deleted messages.'
> That will solve your first two points.

  they don't seem to go to trash (I would like the emails from IMAP
server go to trash on the same server, just like it can be set in

> I'm not sure what you mean exactly, on the third point.

  let's say I have new messages in inbox and in debian-user folders. So
I go to inbox and view the messages, ']' goes to next unread message.
After I read the last message in inbox I would like to go to the next
unread message in debian-user folder, unfortunately ']' doesn't do it
and I didn't find any shortcut/menu item that would do that (compare to
mozilla that asks whether I want to go to the next unread message in
debian-user folder).


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