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Re: Learning debian Linux

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On Thursday 20 November 2003 16:51, Stephen wrote:

> What's with you? I mean, Debian because of the text installer may be
> a little intimidating, but it's not /that hard/. 

It is hard, and it has nothing to do with the installer being text based 
(Redhat installer was still more or less text based when I moved to Debian).  
Some of the wordings are weird or more frightning than necessary (if I 
remember correctly, the choice of modules come with a warning about your 
system might get damaged if you pick the wrong moduel... with no help with 
which module your hardware might need).  dselect is a piece of crap when it 
comes to userfriendliness.

> Instead of
> recommending a different distro, why not be a good Debian advocate, and
> recommend Debian based distros specifically meant for the desktop/home
> user, <ie> Libranet? 

To a Linuxnewbie, isn't it better to be a good Linux advocate?

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