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Re: Learning debian Linux

On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 10:42:31AM +0100, Knut Willy wrote:

> 3. My intention is to do all downloading on the Win-98 PC, and then
> copy everything over to the Compaq, using diskettes. 

I have done this years ago:   I had a small dos partition on the
laptop (a i386 with 6mg ram) and copied the linux files there with a
laplink cable from another dos computer.  It might save you hours if
you can get hold of such a cable.

I then installed Linux on the other part of the laptop's hard disk.

> 4. I read somewhere that Debian Linux is the best choice for a
> novice learner. And also that one does not need to install
> EVERYTHING from Linux.  Just a small starter package will do. A
> minimum package.

For a novice I would suggest installing at least a webbrowser like
w3m, lynx or links for the console and or dillo or for the
X11-environment together with "newbiedoc" and "linuxcookbook" to begin
with.  I mentioned dillo because that is probably the one that will
use the least amount of floppies to copy from the one computer to the

Doing it the way you want to do it, might take a long time and might
be frustrating.  But if you persevere you will have learnt a lot and
in the end you will replace Windows98 on the other computer with
Debian also :)

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