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Is it possible to recover deleted ext2 partitions??

Hi All,

 I have a system running WinXP and Linux. Except
 for one partition, all others are ext2 partitions.
 I had to make some space for a FAT32 partition,
 so wanted to format one of the ext2 partitions
 to FAT32. So, I booted into linux and used fdisk
 to delete a partition(hda5). After deleting the 
 partition, when fdisk listed the partitions, it
 had mysteriously deleted all other logical partitions
 as well!! (except for swap space).

 I have been doing some googling on this since morning
 and havent been able to find anything. I have also 
 tried to use the "undelete" feature in Partition Magic.
 But it returned an error and didn't go further.

 Is there anything that I can do about it? I am particular
 on this because, one of the partitions happen to be my
 /home... :(

 Following was the partition structure before I deleted

|   |        |       |-----------+----+------+-----------+--------|  
|   |  hda2  | hda3  |    hda5   | 6  | hda7 |   hda8    |  hda9  |
| 1 |   C:   |  /    |/data(ext2)|swap|/home |/multimedia| /extra |
|   |  NTFS  | ext2  |    9.8GB  |    |2.0GB |   10GB    |  6.0GB |
|   | 4.9GB  | 5.0GB |-----------+----+------+-----------+--------|


1 --- FAT16,DellUtility,30Mb
2 --- NTFS,WinXP Pro,4.9Gb
3 --- ext2, /          ,5Gb  
5 --- ext2, /data      ,9.8Gb         
6 --- swap, /swap      ,512Mb
7 --- ext2, /home      ,2.0Gb
8 --- ext2, /multimedia,10Gb
9 --- ext2, /extra     ,6.0Gb

 After deleting the partition, now all the logical partitions
 show up as unallocated free space, except for swap!


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