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AIDE problem

Sorry for repeating my question, but my previous posting became erroneously
attributed as the reply to some other one.

My problem:

 I have noticed a strange behaviour if the AIDE filesystem integrity checker.

 Lately I got a new computer (dual Xeon 3 GHz) and installed Woody with some
 standard software I used to install for years - AIDE among others.

 But AIDE generates (randomly, almost everyday) false reports about changed
 files. It says that one, or hundred files changed, namely that MD5 and SHA1
 checksums are different:

 File: /usr/lib/itk3.1/itk.tcl
 MD5      : a4X16bduSkXdKpMeKK2nOw==          , eWxasPaShK0y8mx/LNlemA==    
 SHA1     : 9MeC2Em8xJ9j1aA5dcYo/VCEAxk=      , OlfwA1KnHRC/WxcYii4ng4hAwKo=  

 But files are unchanged!

 Next run of AIDE with the same database gives different warnings or says no

 I am using the same AIDE v0.8 from *.deb on single cpu machine and it works
 I have tried to rebuild *.deb, to compile with Intel icc compiler but nothing
 helps. On single cpu machine it works on dual not.

 Any suggestions?

 Dr Piotr A. Dybczynski,   Astronomical Observatory, A.Mickiewicz University 
 Sloneczna 36,60-286 Poznan,POLAND,tel+48.61.8292784,e-mail: dybol@amu.edu.pl

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