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Re: wireless fun ... which hw

hi ya bill

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Bill Moseley wrote:

> > 	http://www.Linux-Sec.net/Wireless
> > 
> > and lots of wireless sniffers out there
> > - it'd be fun to demo the capturing of emails sent via [insecure] wireless
> There was an article (perhaps posted here on debian-user) about someone
> that hacked his own web-enabled Apple wireless network in something like 40
> minutes.  IIRC, once he sniffed out the web he setup a machine to spoof
> another's MAC and IP.

i wonder if he used wepcrack to get the initial keys

mac address is easily spoofable .. if your nic supports that feature
and if you're going around sniffing traffic, i think that'd be a
requirement of your nic you use :-)

i haven't done it (yet), but ifconfig can set your mac addy for you
	- did it several years ago ...

- once you have your wireless config for a mac addy, the silly 
  dhcp will give your ip# and gateway ... geez... now watch
  all the telnet/ftp/email traffic

c ya

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