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Re: Backup question

hi ya tom

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Tom wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 02:52:41PM -0800, Alvin Oga wrote:

> > - if you're running vfat on the xp box ... ( good and bad idea )
> > 	- create c:\DataFromDebian
> > 	- copy all your /home/victor stuff to c:\DataFromDebian
> > 		( pick your poison for which way to do that
> > 
> > 		( or whatever various ways w/ the right syntax )
> > 		- debian# mount \\winXP:\DataFromDebian /mnt/XP
> > 		- debian# cp -par /home/victor /mnt/XP
> Both of these points are true only if the XP and Deb are multiboot on 
> the same machine.  (What I do in that case is run NTFS on my system 
> partition, and keep a spare decent-sized vfat partition for sharing 
> files between Debian and Windows.)  You also overlooked that if you are 
> running e2fs on Debian there are shareware utilities in Windows to read 
> that and copy it; I use Reiserfs.
same disk or different disk or different systems makes no difference
	- any debian/windoze can mount the other xp box
	- any debian box will have problems writing to ntfs on the xp box

having a separate vfat partition would be good ... if one had that
forethought before installing winxp on the whole disk or part of it w/o
a way for linux to write to the xp for sharing data

> But the way I interpret the OP is that the two machines are on differnet 
> boxes, in which case you should install Samba on the debian box, or use 
> ssh to copy stuff.

yup.. like the other dude said, ( forget your name ), use winscp
to have xp copy debian:/home/victor.tgz down onto its ntfs to get
around the *linux can't safely write into ntfs problem

- anything that is manual backups is for the birdz .. too much work :-0
	- backups should be 100% automated and good for 3-6 months
	at a time ..

	- one day you gonna forget or make a "backup mistake and oops"
		tar zxvf  vs tar zcvf would be the common problem,
		done that once in my whole life thingie like rm -rf /

c ya

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