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Re: Problems installing Zope/Plone

jennyw <jennyw@dangerousideas.com> wrote:
> Still having trouble running zope. Here's what I've done:
> apt-get install plone (which installs zope)
> zopectl init default
> zopectl access default (and answered prompts, including creating a user)
> zopectl pcgi default
> cp /usr/lib/zope/Zope.cgi /usr/lib/cgi-bin
> Followed instructions on setting mod rewrite in README.Debian).
> This got me to the point where zopectl start didn't report errors.
> But when I went to http://host/cgi-bin/Zope.cgi/manage, it didn't
> work. So I looked around and edited /etc/zopectl/default.conf,
> adding the line:
> PCGI-Resource-File: /usr/lib/cgi-bin/Zope.cgi
> Since it was looking somewhere else (which I saw in ps aux).
> This gets it so that it seems to be running. When I go to the Web
> page, it asks me for a username/password. The problem is, the one
> that I set when running zopectl access default doesn't work.  So I
> tried running:
> /usr/lib/zope/zpassword.py ---username=user --password=password \
> /var/lib/zope/instance/default/access
> This doesn't seem to have an effect.
> Any suggestions?

Did you restart zope after changing the access file?
Did you (re)start zope after setting it the first time with zopectl?

I haven't done a fresh install in a long time, so I don't know if
there are any gotchas with that.  I'd also try hitting ZServer
directly (default is http://localhost:9673/) and only attempt adding
PCGI into the mix after that works.  I actually have zope set up with
mod_proxy, instead of pcgi, because pcgi wasn't doing what I wanted it
to.  It kinda seems simpler that way.


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