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Re: Monitor flashes/flickers during install

Bobby Smith wrote:
I have recently taken an interest in installing linux and have chosen to install debian 3.0 on my machine. However, I am unable to proceed very far into the installation because after I receive the 'Welcom to Debian" screen and press enter at the boot prompt my monitor begins to flash and it becomes very difficult to see the 'select language screen'. I can tell that it has proceeded to this screen because I can see the blue background and choices to select a language however it flashes in such a way that installation would be extremely difficult. Here are the specs on the machine: Compaq Deskpro EN with Minitower
PIII 933 Mhz
Integrated Intel 3D Direct AGP Video
Integrated Intel Audio
Compaq V75 monitor
The procedure I am following is to enter the Debian CD that I have created from linuxiso.org, re-boot the machine, I see the Welcome screen, press enter to install the deafult flavor. This is when the monitor begins to flash. I see some text output and the picture of the penguin at this time as well and already at this point the monitor is flashing. It then procedes to the select language screen and the monitor continues to flash.

On the welcome screen should be instructions for more help (press F1, maybe?). Look for any options to disable FrameBuffer, or to use a certain VGA setting.

Not having looked in this area in some time, I'm not sure what you'll find, but I'm thinking that there _should_ be an option to tinker with the video settings at the boot: prompt.


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