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Just curious about system LOAD

Hi there,

this is nor really a problem, but I'm curious about what the system load
exactly is.

The following scenario happens several times an hour:

xosview and gkrellm meters say: CPU load is about 25% to 50%, disk and swap
activity is low, even Network traffic is low, but the load starts
increasing more and more up to 2 or even 3. After a short while things
becom normal ahain.

I should mention that I'm using vmware and a with a TV timetable prpgramm
which is programmed quite ugly. 
To me ist is obvious that this programk causes the strange behaviour. But
what exactly is happening here? I have not found any source of
enlightenment how the load is calculated. 
The displaied value is correct, as the system (1,5 GHz Athlon) does
noticeable slow down.

Please share your wisdom with me :-)


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