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Re: Newbie

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 10:00:44PM -0800, Steven Bradley wrote:
>    Hi,
>    Just finished with a fresh install of 3.0, got all the way to the end
>    where it was time to  reboot put in user name and password this is
>    what followed after hitting enter; stinger@debian:~$. Is there
>    another command that is needed or is something not installed rihght.

Looks pretty good to me, as it looks like the command line prompt. If
it insists on repeating the


when you press the enter key a second time, then it's even better.  :)

I clearly remember sitting for at least 30-45 minutes after my first
Linux (Debian) install, looking at the command line prompt.  "dir"
didn't work, and I was lost.  :D 

I'd suggest a decent book on Linux to help you get a grip on the
operating system.  My own is Sobell's "A Practical Guide to Linux."
There are a number of others.

Since you obviously have an Internet connection, try Googling at 


using a few keywords, like "newbie guide" (without the quotes, of
course).  You'll come away with things to try.

Welcome to Linux, and congratulations on choosing Debian!

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